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A stunning, mind-expanding, avandgardistic beautiful crazy blend of styles from Progressive Rock to metal elements, from classical structures to unconventional rhythms, from Jazz Rock basics to pioneering computered sounds, from Yngie-like Guitars to strangely whispering voices: While being extraordinarily Versatile all pieces on this record are yet connected in such an organic way that it leaves the impression of a completely rounded piece of art.

"Days Kiss" is meticulously crafted State of the art-Art in every way: the outcome of an innovative spirit striving for musical-artistic perfection combined with superior sound engineering skills resulting in an unique listening experience.

1. Dark Matter 6:30
2. Days Kiss 5:08
3. Vision At Dawn 4:32
4. Soft Floyd 3:03
5. You Know U Know 3:11
6. All That Jazz 8:39
7. Ozone Frequency 3:24
8. The Light At the Edge of the Thought 3:30
9. Obey 6:36
10. Fatal Horses 3:20